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Roch Bordenave

Voice Over Artist / Live Announcer / Musician


                                             “He’s as comfortable on a mic as he is a valve trombone"

It’s a phrase you won’t often hear spoken aloud because, well, it’s mad. But add to it “…as he is in the world of professional disc golf” and the chances of hearing that phrase uttered become even less likely. Yes, Roch Bordenave is the only valve bone-playing, disc golfing voice actor in The Known Universe. 

Roch’s music life started in his 20s, working in Los Angeles’ bustling live music scene, eventually evolving into road work with legends like Mel Tormé and his big band and Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin. But by his 30’s, he realized that putting bread on the table for his family (y’know, the really cool bread) - on a bone-player’s income - could prove a stretch. So, he began taking seriously the advice of the studio musicians he was close to at the time, like his mentor - Wrecking Crew Legend Slyde Hyde - and ventured into the world of voice acting.   (continues below)

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He found early homes in the field of Radio. From Colorado to Florida, he gigged as a disc jockey, morning show producer, program director, copywriter and eventually an award-winning promo producer. And it was here that Roch’s voice acting career began to take shape. 
Clients quickly flocked to smell what The Roch was cookin’. Promo voice of The Randi Rhodes Show, the Murphy In The Morning Show, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts and eventually, the NFL on SiriusXM, which he’s been the voice of for 17 years and going strong. 
Roch’s list of credits runs deep and wide; from work with the US Government’s Department of Energy to The Pro Bull Riders Tour to fitness product infomercials, video narrations, live stadium announcing and more. 
Today, Roch works from his home studio in West Los Angeles, occasionally traveling to live-announce large corporate ventures for companies like Aramark, NuSkin and Lendmark. He’s also bangin’ the L.A. music scene with groups like Doctor Wu - the Steely Dan Tribute ( ), Mike Monagan and the Sound and his own group The Roch Band. 
But what of this “professional disc golf” you ask? Well, look it up. . No, the prize-bread isn’t huge by any stretch, but Roch feels that merely competing in the sport on a professional level is the only bread he needs. 
Cuz’ it’s the really cool bread. 

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