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  • Why
    Some other voice-over websites only require a fee to join their roster. is different because our team is built on relationships. The talent on our site have been vetted – and certified -- organically. Which is to say we have a history and proven track record with the featured talent we offer - Only human voices - Only experienced, professional voices - Only certified natural, free-range, organic voice talent
  • How do I book an organic voiceover talent?
    Booking on is simple. Either select directly from our featured talent, or initiate a free casting for your production. You'll receive only the best auditions for review
  • What kind of algorithm does use to cast for my project? relies on our casting experience, and our human connections, to create a focused casting specifically for your needs. On some other voice casting sites, your project is 'matched' to prospective talent by a proprietary (read: secret) algorithm. The programming may match keywords you submit in your project with talent. Another criteria that may be factored includes how much a talent paid that website to reach you. The result is often 25-50 amateur talent submissions for you to sift through, along with a few professionals who paid an exorbitant fee for the honor of being included in the field
  • Can I attend and direct my session?
    Yes! We offer live, studio-quality transmission of your session. You can even direct via phone.
  • How will I receive my deliverables?
    Receive your deliverables any way you like. Virtually all file types are available, including the more exotic files, like µlaw. Your files will be skillfully prepared and delivered, whether you prefer: Raw edit-ready files of your session in its entirety, with little or no processing Gently Processed comps edited from the best takes, with the finest mix ready processing Ready-to-serve broadcast and distribution ready productions, complete with music and SFX
  • I'm a voiceover talent, voice artist or voice actor. How do I join the talent roster?"
    Becoming a Certified Organic Voiceover talent starts with: - a review of your demo* - an interview - a live audition session To inquire about or request an audition, have your demo ready, and contact a human at today Criteria for site member status includes: Professionalism Experience Competitive, reasonable rates Flexibility Fast turnaround High availability * Need a demo? Visit our partner site, digiVibes
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