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Ken Osbourn
Voice Over Artist


Ken Osbourn has been a voiceover performer for more than thirty years. Doing commercials for clients all over the country, narrating videos and slideshows and, most recently, breaking into the audiobook reading business.  
Though blind since birth, Ken has broken many barriers. For instance, before becoming a voiceover performer fulltime, he was a radio disc jockey for almost ten years. During that time, he served as music director for the AM station, and color commentator for the Friday night high school football games for the FM station.  (continues below)

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With the help of his computer and improving screen reader technology and two very close friends, Ken Osbourn has just narrated his second book, “Hunting Seasons,” by Lang Gore
Osbourn is a natural at storytelling having told bedtime stories to his sisters, cousins and classmates as a child. As an adult, he has continued that tradition with his nieces and nephews, children and grandchildren. He hopes, with the passing of time, to be able to share his narrative and storytelling talents with the rest of the world.

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