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Karen Vartanyan 
Voice Over Artist / Copywriter


Growing up on Speaker Street, it was inevitable that Karen would become someone who “speaks” for a living. She had absolutely no choice in the matter. It was fate.
She started at a the young age of 16, by taking a Radio & TV class at her high school, where her show was broadcast to the whole cafeteria! Then at 17, it was off to college to pursue a Communications degree, and another radio show that was heard throughout the entire campus! During the summer and after graduating college, she began her actual career at her hometown radio station - WKNE. Most nights she was on the air from 5pm till 11pm, but she also did sales, wrote copy, produced commercials, and did live remotes, among many other duties. It was a full and rich learning experience.  (continues below)

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And it was here that she discovered her love of creating commercials. She found it quite satisfying to meet with a client, come up with a concept, write the script, produce the commercial, hear it on the air, and then get feedback from the client. From start to finish, it was a wonderfully rewarding experience.
A few years later, she landed in Florida. And that’s where the true Voiceover work began. Learning from her mentors, Jack Gale and Connie Zimet, Karen honed her craft and expanded her range to include all types of voiceover work.
From Radio and TV commercials, Narrations, and Corporate Videos, To Promo work, Web VO’s, Direct Response TV, and IVR’s, she does them all. Even now, Karen continues to expand her offerings and is now adding Audiobooks and Copywriting services to her growing list of services.
So whether you need someone to sell your product, tell your story, “speak” your truth, or just tell it like it is. Karen brings words to life.

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