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David Hughes 
Voice actor / Studio Producer / Audio Engineer 


Musician. Voice Actor. Engineer
David Hughes continues to enjoy a professional adventure that now spans over 30 years. A bonafide pioneer of Remote Session Recording, David’s careers began while he was in high school during which, by night, he sailed his way into South Florida’s pumping nightclub scene as a bassist and backing vocalist.
As if rocking the grade and nightclubs wasn't enough, he also worked in live sound and lighting and, in 1990 at age 19, was hired on as Audio Engineer for an ad agency. It was here he began to meld all of his talents and discovered his voice as a composer of commercial music.
In time, he’d be engineering 8 & 24-track sessions for local bands, nationally heard radio shows and voice over classes.
At the ripe old age of 21, he was awarded the coveted Producer position for a nationally syndicated ad agency. A typical day there would find him directing multiple voice actors simultaneously and recording 20+ commercials per day - live to 2-track.
Director. Producer. Composer.
Wearing these hats while under the employ of other people for a half-dozen years helped this multi-talented, energy-packed wizard hone the skills that would finally allow him to take all that to the next level; a virtual and literal home for all of this creativity...a home called Digital Vibrations.  (continues below)

In 1996, David launched Digital Vibrations (, adding services such as digital audio post production for television and film and ISDN sessions. Agency execs, actors, directors and producers flocked to the new company and immediately came to trust David’s instincts and skills. From international corporate projects to video and film, Digital Vibrations became all the rage.
It was during this time that he found himself increasingly on both sides of the microphone...and on both sides of the castings. After producing numerous demos for others, he was now voicing his own. By the millennium David’s voice was being heard on commercials nationwide.
As unbridled as his energy for creativity was, so was his energy for travel and adventure. Because souls like this don’t “settle”...they roam.
Across 4 states and 2 countries, David, along with his family, called “home” wherever that needed to be. All this traversing around necessitated the creation of a newer, more reliable, more flexible and rock solid ideal for Mastery Of Audio On The Move.
Solving myriad acoustic, connectivity and other issues in each of those settings, as well as in countless sessions conducted while staying in hotels, the concept that was digivibes evolved into the 2019 version of itself; a cohesive team of remote workers - a virtual consortium working together from faraway locations. Yep, in 2019, the staid shell of brick & mortar cracked open, and a future was born.
Now, he is ready to share his vast experience and offer guidance on establishing or upgrading home, office and remote recording systems. He can help you design your perfect kit for travel, while balancing equations involving quality, complexity and cost. He can also provide instruction with Logic and other recording software.
Hardware. Software. Recording. Producing. Engineering. Virtual.
Questions? David has the answers and insight that can help you get there too. World, meet David. He is here, now, and happy to help.

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