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Linda Bruno
Voice Over Artist / Guru


Linda-Bruno pic.jpg

A background in musical theater and radio broadcasting helped to lay the foundation for my career in voice overs. Now with over 20 years of experience, I’m known for my versatility, and I strive to deliver my all in every project and every read. I’m best known for my warm and friendly delivery.

 How did I start out? My training began in Miami, Florida with the legendary voice over actress, Connie Zimet who helped with the foundation for my craft.  Connie accepted a shy 18-year old into her studio and gave me the inspiration to move forward with this difficult career. Those early days of watching Connie work were truly inspirational to me.  (continues below)

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A subsequent move to Ft Myers, Florida led me to the world of radio beginning as an intern working for concert tickets in order to gain access to a production studio.  Ft Myers turned into a wonderful opportunity to meet another voice-over legend, Peter Thomas. It was an honor to be able to watch him work the craft of voice over and it became further motivation for me to pursue this career.
In 1997, I moved to NYC in search of an agent and larger clients. That move led to relationships with various agents, production houses and now thanks to the Internet, worldwide clients spanning as far away as India and Singapore on a daily basis.
Now based on Long Island, New York, I share studio space with Digital Waterworx in Melville, and love the camaraderie and stimulation of being around other creative people.

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